Date: October 28 - 30, 2010

Courtyard Washington (Marriott)
1325 2nd Street NE
Washington, District Of Columbia 20002
Phone: 1-202-898-4000
Fax: 1-202-898-4001
Sales: 1-800-440-8027
Sales fax: 1-301-576-5528
Toll-free: 1-800-321-2211
Metro-train nearby Hotel

Map for close up
A few blocks to Gallaudet Campus
Room rate:
(until October 7th, 2010)
$139.00 for king-size bed per night plus tax, total is $159.85 dollars per night.
$149.00 for double beds per night plus tax, total is $171.35 dollars per night

Please make a room reservation by calling Marriott (202) 898-4000,
using the
group booking code: Gally Class 70
(You need to request the reservation agent to email you the confirmation number.)


The 10 rooms for Thursday

The 15 rooms for Friday

The 15 rooms for Saturday.


If blockage is used up all, u are responsible to pay some more money or room may be sold out due to
big event (Marine Corps Marathon) happens on same weekend.

More information, please contact Cheryl Shevlin, chairperson

Who Will Show up? List
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Member names: & States Spouse/friend names: & States Locations: (name of hotel or friend's place)
  Carole (Adolphson) Arneson  - IL   Geri Danaher   Gallaudet Hotel
  Ursula (Klim) Attia - CA/VA     undecided
  Celia May (Laramie) Baldwin - CA   friends: Dee Kennedy and
               Virginia Finneran
  Courtyard Marriott
  Gordon W. Bergan - MD   Carla E. Hanyzewski - MD   Home Sweet Home!!
  Wanda (Bunker) Biser - VA   Randy Biser - VA   Courtyard Marriott
  Clifford Boland - MD     Courtyard Marriott
  Bernie Brown - FL   Valeta Brown - FL   friend's place
  Joyanne (Rasmus) Burdett - UT    Ronald Burdett - UT   Courtyard Marriott
  Ronald Burdett - UT   Joyanne (Rasmus) Burdett - UT   Courtyard Marriott
 Zannet (Arteberry) Coleman CA      Courtyard Marriott
  Art Dignan - MO   Joyce Dignan - MO   Courtyard Marriott
  Nicole M. Ekle - WA     Courtyard Marriott
  Doug Ellis - CA   Gayle Ellis - CA   Courtyard Marriott
  Barbara (Titus) Evans - SD   Henry B. Evans - SD   sister in law' s home
  Mary (Wells) French - MD   Toby French - MD   At home
  Bob Furman - TN   Ginny -TN   undecided
  Ron Gabriel - PA     Courtyard Marriott
  Shelley (Lefkowitz) Goul - CA     Courtyard Marriott
  Shirley (Edwards) Hampton - IA     friend's place
  Barry Harlan - MD   Vicki Shank - MD   home
  Archie P. Harris - KY   Barbara D. Harris - KY   Courtyard Marriott in McLean, VA
  Mack Harris - TX     Courtyard Marriott
  Elmer Hayes - NC   Sharon Gordon Hayes - NC   Friend's place
  Nick Imme - LA     Friend's place
  Suzie (Marshburn) Jacobs - CA   Carol Trachtenberg - CA   Courtyard Marriott
  Lucy (Armstrong) Jannett - MN     Courtyard Marriott
  Kathy (Meyer) Jones - MD     home
  Mary (Limoni) Kraus - VA     Courtyard Marriott
  Jack Lamberton - CA   Juddie   DC home
  Juddie (Joiner) Lamberton - CA   Jack   DC home
  Ed Leighton - CA   Jennie Leighton - CA   friends' place
  Jax Levesque - CA  Ann McIntire   Friend's house
  Lynda (Watts) Magouirk - AL   Betty (Bennett) Dugan (ex-73) - MS   Courtyard Marriott
  JoAnne (Stump) Nelson - Canada   Norman Nelson - Canada   Courtyard Washington Marriot
  Joyce Norwood   Peggy Daniels   Peggy Daniels' home
  Rodney Nunn - CA   Susan Lee Berkeley (ex77) - CA   Howard Johnson
  Marilyn O'Leary-Heaney - CT     Courtyard Marriott
  Isaac J. Pakula - NC     Undecided
  Kaye Peacock - WV   Susan Peacock - WV   Friend's Home
  Janie Pearson - MD     Courtyard Marriott
  Frederick Pickering -  VA   Brenda Sue Pickering - VA   Courtyard Marriott
  Johnny Robertson - NM     Gallaudet campus with step daughter
  Lawrence A Rocque - NY     Courtyard Marriott
  Tim Scanlon - MD     home in Baltimore
  Ruth Ann (Lally) Schornstein - MD     home
  Kathy (Swanson) Schumacher - MN     Courtyard Marriott
  Mary-Jean Secoolish - MD     Home
  Cheryl Shevlin - MN     Courtyard Marriott
  Jay E Shopshire - VA   my friend, Millie Russo - MD   Millie's mansion
  Paul T. Stefurak - CA     Courtyard Marriott
  Dianne Stenz - VA     Best Western Capital Beltway, Lanham, MD
  Kathy (McIntire) Sutton - CA     Courtyard Marriott
  Allard Thomas - Canada     to be determined
  Carol Trachtenberg - CA   Suzie (Marshburn) Jacobs - CA   Courtyard Marriott
  Reda (Evans) Tweedie - MO   Robert T. Tweedie - MO   to be determined
  Arlyce (Vaught) Watson - WA   Phil Watson - IL (undecided)   own home
  Julius B. Vold - MD   Florence Vold - MD   Maryland home
  Macklin Youngs  - Canada   Thelma Schroeder   friend's place
 Above -Total of Members = 58   Above - Total of
Spouses/friends = 28
(count only non-70ers)
  horny   457969   New York
  pwicwim   881606   New York
  patrik   446249   New York
  Mike   63593   New York
  Aiden   36137   New York
  Ashley   7486   New York
  Sierra   2572   New York
  quaker   5725   New York
  Alyssa   121993   New York
  Sebastian   8691   New York
  Nicholas   79986   New York
  Owen   27298   New York
  Avery   40256   New York
  Mia   28103   New York
  Plank   64160   New York
  Jackson   471703   New York
  Gabriel   8251   New York
  dro4er   2352   New York
  Isaiah   523354   New York
  John   3855   New York
  Juan   56952   New York
  lightsoul   2593   New York
  Miguel   6064   New York
  Ian   230962   New York
  Arianna   73508   New York
  Jordan   6659   New York
  greenwood   1429   New York
  Jocelyn   3623   New York
  Hannah   442982   New York
  Madison   3380   New York
  Carson   6179   New York
  Anthony   1675   New York
  Michael   77352   New York
  Emily   49217   New York
  Kylie   8328   New York
  Eli   47199   New York
  crazyivan   440786   New York
  Maria   1633   New York
  Kevin   1473   New York
  Jacob   8216   New York
  Jacob   30435   New York
  Jennifer   5542   New York
  Lillian   7712   New York
  Natalie   1386   New York
  Dominic   712149   New York
  Caroline   7704   New York
  Diva   16216   New York
  Elijah   6482   New York
  Hunter   6857   New York
  Xavier   747743   New York
  Caleb   1675   New York
  Gabrielle   23988   New York
  Cameron   999208   New York
  Evan   6231   New York
  William   4568   New York
  Elijah   7124   New York
  Gabrielle   16711   New York
  Destiny   67188   New York
  John   3468   New York
  Serenity   855217   New York
  Madelyn   52670   New York
  Eva   1925   New York
  Autumn   9674   New York
  Plank   39702   New York
  Xavier   41295   New York
  bonser   14545   New York
  Maria   355841   New York
  Alejandro   174538   New York
  Valeria   40454   New York
  Garry   94639   New York
  Cole   974839   New York
  Payton   3123   New York
  Colton   817758   New York
  Evan   91557   New York
  Gabriella   4998   New York
  Landon   548694   New York
  Amelia   8306   New York
  Parker   4129   New York
  Colton   12533   New York
  Anna   436322   New York
  Jackson   62684   New York
  Henry   3001   New York
  ronny   2231   New York
  Allison   771301   New York
  Zachary   513067   New York
  Jenna   323617   New York
  Luis   7647   New York
  Logan   1073   New York
  Patrick   34010   New York
  Tyler   9895   New York
  Gavin   621054   New York
  Gavin   6235   New York
  Amelia   497476   New York
  Andrea   224628   New York
  Peyton   3223   New York
  Caleb   16358   New York
  Kayla   848101   New York
  Maya   2241   New York
  Maya   314771   New York
  Autumn   112502   New York
  Barbera   410484   New York
  Adrian   8678   New York
  Riley   94610   New York

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