Statement from Julianna shared in our August email

 After viewing the great 70ers' videos regarding fundraising goals, I was -- still am -- greatly moved that they have shared their passion with such appreciation of what Gallaudet had done to them (and vice versa when we presently help the university in various aspects).

Come to think of it: Suppose President Lincoln had not signed the fabulous charter, we would not be where we are today... Right?

So I am writing to say that it is our gift to Pay It Forward by contributing small or big funds to build new scholarships for students of tomorrow. That way the students of the future can 'sky rocket' with their goals with such educational confidence -- just like what had happened to us, the 70ers. Needless to say, the most important gift of our contribution is to see the students becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Let's continue to express our appreciation to Gallaudet by contributing our scholarship funds for students.

Julianna Massar-Fjeld
Class of 1970


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