Class Treasury Report
Fred Pickering, Treasurer

As of January 18, 2019, we have $2,099.06 in our 1970 Class account. The 50th Class Reunion Committees are in the process making plans for our 50th class reunion in 2020 and there will be some items such as paper goods, printing materials, decorations, and other items that we will need for some of the activities during the 2020 Homecoming weekend. Also, we need to help pay part of Paul Stefurakís website account that he uses for our He has done a fantastic job keeping it up to date. He is doing it for free (the labor part - that is more expensive than the account itself).
We need to add more money in the 1970 class account. We are aiming for at least $4,000 in the account for now and we need to keep the money amount above $1,500 to avoid the monthly fees. It would be greatly appreciated if you, the members of the Class of 1970 help pitch in to achieve that goal. Write a check or money order to Fred Pickering, 1114 Morningwood Lane, Great Falls, VA, 22066-1609. Thank you.  


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