When will Class of 1970 50th Year Anniversary
Reunion Event start?

October 28 - November 1, 2020

Which hotel will '70 members stay?
Kellogg Conference Hotel

Will Office of Alumni Relations pay us to stay?
No, We, Class of 1970/spouses, friends, will pay for staying
at Kellogg Conference Hotel if we want to stay there.
Alumni Department will hold the rooms at
Kellogg Conference Hotel for 50
th year events.

(For those members prefer to stay their friends'
house or cheaper hotel/motel. That is ok!)

FYI, recommend you to save money now for a special event,
hotel, flight/transportation (from your home to Gallaudet),
and more. It will be your lifetime once.  
Kellogg Conference Hotel may cost $200+ per night.

Office of Alumni Relations will cover the cost for
two meals, medals and hospitalities.

How long will that event stay?
Between 5 and 7 days

What will the programs be?
Click "Program Schedule"

What will we do on our leisure time?
Click "Leisure Time"

 Who will get 50th Golden pendant?
All Class of 1970 members will get the pendant
as long as the student became the alumni of Gally
even only one day.

Which is Gallaudet's Class that has the
number of alumni who went to
their 50th Reunion?
It has been the Class of 1966 with 72 members in attendance.


If you want to add questions and answers under FAQ,
let Paul know. Then I will get the right information from
Samuel M. Sonnenstrahl, Executive Director, GUAA.


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