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50th Anniversary Class Reunion


Zoom Chat Conference during
Virtual 50th Year Anniversary Class'70 Reunion

00:59.01 Gallaudet: Everyone- go ahead and appear :)
00:59:03 Derrick Behm: Hello everyone!
01:00:52 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Hi everybody!! We can use CHAT throughout
                   the program to share our reactions and stuff.
01:01:54 Gallaudet: We will start the program at 4pm, so you all have some
                   more time to say HI to each other :)
01:02:11 janieprsn’s iPad (2): Hello everyone, I only see nine at a time... I
                   switch onto the other screen and see many others. Hope you read
                   me fine in other words, I am doing right. He he.
01:02:29 Gallaudet: Yep, many screens right now but we will have everyone
                   turn off your videos at 4pm
01:02:54 cheryle conte coulston: hi everyone oh boy what a view huh
01:03:28 celia may laramie baldwin: Cant believe today is the day!!!! Have
                  been looking forward to this!
01:07:12 Gallaudet: 3 minutes to go before your kickoff starts!!
01:07:19 MJSECOO: Great to see everyone!
01:08:38 marykraus: hi everyone have fun seeing you allll!!!!
01:09:46 Gallaudet: Ok, we’re ready to start! Go ahead and hide your videos
                  (press Stop Video)
01:10:06 cheryle conte coulston: how you get into fulll screen???
01:10:33 Gallaudet: Go ahead and hide your videos now. :)
01:16:17 Gallaudet: HAIL TO OUR MIGHTY BISON!!!
01:18:28 iPhoneAlfred corrado: I am Alfredo
01:20:01 Gallaudet: BUFF AND BLUE!
01:20:02 celia may laramie baldwin: Angela and Paul…you are still tops!!!
01:20:42 Cynthia Neese Bailes: AGREE! Stillllll tops!
01:21:10 Carol Trachtenberg: Angela and Paul are still the Champs!!
01:21:34 Julianna Fjeld: agree! we are so lucky to have Angela and Paul!
01:21:45 Shirley Edwards Hampton: From Rye Whiskey to Buff and Blue
                  55 years!
01:21:58 janie Pearson: Agree with CT ... Champs
01:22:47 bonelle: You all do rock!!
01:23:02 Jack Ann Cooper: Agree that program book is awesome!
01:23:17 Carol Trachtenberg: Great seeing you all
01:23:32 cheryle conte coulston: from cheryle
01:24:31 cheryle conte coulston: from Cheryle COOl to see you all!!!!
01:24:58 Carol Trachtenberg: Kathy u are doing awesome as the Chair!!
01:25:03 Flo Parker Underwood: From Flo Parker Underwood
01:25:35 celia may laramie baldwin: Kathy is an awesome leader…Hats off
                  to her!
01:26:12 janie Pearson: YES YES CM. true.
01:26:21 Julianna Fjeld: Bless Kathy and committees for making everything
                     possible for all of us... you all look younger now... Amazing!
01:27:12 Jane Matuszak: GREATEST CLASS that I admired...KEEP UP the
                    GOOD WORK. WE CAN DO IT and WE ARE STILL DOING IT.
01:29:28 Flo Parker Underwood: From Flo To Angela and Paul, that was
                    beautiful song, so awesome and inspiring. Thanks for doing a
                    great show!
01:30:15 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Hand waves for Kathy!
01:36:36 celia may laramie baldwin: Mary Limoni Kraus…beautiful job!!
01:36:57 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Beautiful job, Mary!
01:46:52 Gallaudet: Wow! The Class of ’70 truly accomplished a lot during
                   your years!
01:49:21 Bob Harris: Awesome and fabulous presentation by Bernie!!!
01:49:29 celia may laramie baldwin: Bernie, thank you for putting together
                   an awesome book for us to reflect our years and to learn what
                   happened between 1970 and 2020!
01:50:51 Jane Matuszak: Jane: It is the BEST History Book I ever have.
                   Thumbs UP for excellent work put into it.
01:51:23 bonelle: It has been mentioned that our anniversary book is the
                   BEST of all!!! Thanks to you all!!
01:52:14 Jack Ann Cooper: Brownstone mining in Portland, Conn is where
                  Jack Cooper’s wife Ann grew up!!
01:52:38 cheryle conte coulston: tim no change at all since NTD wow
01:53:34 celia may laramie baldwin: You still have “it”, Tim!!!
01:53:57 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Hand waves for Bernie and Tim!!!
01:57:07 bonelle: CM has NOT changed a bit!!
01:57:41 cheryle conte coulston: only way to stay young right CM?
01:57:51 Shirley Edwards Hampton: CM you still have it!!
01:58:04 Julianna Fjeld: I am rolling with great laughers... Right on,CM!
01:58:19 MJSECOO: From Mary Jean Secoolish - CM - you haven't lost
                  your touch!
01:58:25 Gallaudet: HILARIOUS!!!
01:58:33 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Hand wave for CM!! I’m in stitches!!!
02:01:32 Gallaudet: CM is champ! I was lucky to have her as my middle
                  school principal back in the 90s. :)
02:12:40 Bob Harris: hands waving!!!
02:13:17 Julianna Fjeld: So beautiful..
02:13:59 Gallaudet: Wow! What a touching moment!
02:14:06 marykraus: beautiful messages
02:14:23 Dale Ritter: HI everybody!!! All is so beautiful !!!
02:16:15 Jane Matuszak: Jane: Amazing program this is so far....
                   WONDERFUL work put into this.
02:22:40 Julianna Fjeld: YesYesyes!
02:24:16 Julianna Fjeld: WOWEEEE!
02:24:30 Jack Ann Cooper: Awesome!!!
02:24:38 Rodney Nunn: Finally!!!!
02:24:42 iPad (62): hands waving from Sandra Kaz
02:24:49 Paul Stefurak: Hurray!
02:25:09 Jane Matuszak: Jane: HOORAH for that $$$$$$
02:25:29 Gallaudet: Congratulations to the Class of 1970!!
02:26:33 Cynthia Neese Bailes: Wow
02:28:09 Lawrence Vollmar: Finally our pockets EMPTY!!!
02:29:54 Carol Trachtenberg: Still kiss fist Rye Whiskey!
02:30:52 Gallaudet: Loving this!!
02:31:25 Cynthia Neese Bailes: CHAMP!!
02:32:00 marykraus: Amazing!!!
02:32:01 iPad (62): great show!
02:33:43 janie Pearson: Got goosebumps. everything is awesome... enjoyed
                    every second of this
02:34:08 Dale Ritter: Janie, me too !!!
02:34:10 Derrick Behm: Jack will close
02:34:24 Gallaudet: One more
02:34:27 Gallaudet: Jack will close this
02:34:32 Franna: Awesome!!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!
02:34:33 Gallaudet: When he does show up ha
02:34:54 Shirley Edwards Hampton: Maybe he had too much rye whiskey?
02:34:58 Norbert & Bunny: thanks to wonderful program... we enjoyed
                    every minute of it Norbert and Bunny
02:35:02 MJSECOO: From Mary Jean secoolish - so many memories have
                    risen to the surface! It's been a great program!
02:35:12 iPad (62): awesome Kick Off!
02:35:45 Ruth Ann Lally: beautiful program thaniks
02:35:48 iPad (62): Hands waving!!!!! from Sandra Kazmierski Bianco
02:36:00 Doug Ellis: Great job and yet Class ’70 is CHAMP!
02:36:01 Flo Parker Underwood: From Flo Parker Underwood to
                    Class of 1970: I am so proud of my class of 1970. You all did a
                    wonderful job all through the years.
02:36:02 Jane Matuszak: Jane: Great program...I can still feel those days...
                    YES to Class of 1970
02:36:15 bonelle: What a great kick-off program!!
02:36:15 Carole Kircher Lazorisak: Awesome!
02:36:19 Bill Andrew: Any chance of making copies of this Kickoff for us all
                     to enjoy again at our pleasure? Bill Andrew
02:36:25 Allard Thomas: Hi everybody, I really enjoyed the awesome
                    program. Smile!
02:36:40 Dale Ritter: Our program will be unmatchable by other classes,
                   ever !!!
02:36:44 Derrick Behm: This session has been recorded and will be shared
                   in the near future! :)
02:38:19 Mary Ann Burke: Awesome Kickoff!
02:39:44 Derrick Behm: Everyone can turn on video
02:40:32 Derrick Behm: Program is finished, but the Zoom meeting will
                   close in 20 minutes. Thank you everyone!
02:40:39 Paul Stefurak: Jesse blocks me to reopen the video
02:41:11 Gallaudet: Let me know if you need me to unblock your video as I
                   had to block some people earlier
02:41:37 Gallaudet: Make sure you turn on your gallery view on the upper
                   right corner



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