In Memoriam


Dudley Hemstreet
December 23, 2019


Obituary & Life History


          Remembering Dudley Hemstreet



Dudley Hemstreet was born in Portland, Oregon on July 10, 1944 and passed away in Pflugerville, Texas on December 23, 2019.  Dudley had a good life and devoted husband, father, and grandfather.  Dudley moved to Toppenish, Washington with his parents and siblings. He graduated at Washington School for the Deaf in 1965 and went to Gallaudet University from 1965 to 1967.  Dudley married Una in 1966 and lasted 53 years. he settled down with his family in California for 10 years and moved to Pflugerville, Texas for 15 years.  Dudley is survived by his wife, Una, two daughters, Barbara and Julie and son, Troy. He had eight grandchildren.



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