In Memoriam

Rodney Patrick Moreland, Jr.
July 9, 1970

Obituary & Life History

Age 24, of near York, Nebraska, killed in a car accident on July 9, 1970.   He was a native of Washington State.  His nickname was Rod. Lived with his family (his parents and sister, Dee Anne in Olympia, Washington. He attended at Summit School in Seattle till 1958. Transferred to Washington State School for the Deaf (WSD), Vancouver, Washington. He involved the activities: Boy Scout, Senior Class Secretary, Literacy Society Vice President, Student Council Secretary and Boys' Reading Room secretary, Totem Club, and sports: football, basketball, and track. He graduated at WSD in 1963.   He went to Gallaudet College in 1965. He established several swimming - 100 m freestyle records, twice for World Games of the Deaf in 1965 (Washington, D.C) and 1969 (Belgrade, Yugoslavia). During Gallaudet College years, he had a good mind and passed his college courses with a minimum studying time according to Mr. Jack Levesque. He was athletic, starring on the Bison football, swimming and wresting teams. He played the roles in several plays. Member of Kappa Gamma Fraternity. He changed his major from Physical Education to Accounting. He graduated at Gallaudet College in 1970 with Bachelor of Art - major accounting.


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