In Memoriam

Richard Henry Matsen
December 22, 2015

Obituary & Life History

Richard “Ricky” H. Matsen, 66, of Wilson, passed away Dec. 22, 2015, at Wilson Memorial Hospital. 

 Ricky is survived by his daughter, Celia Bratcher, her husband, Brice; and four grandchildren, Elizabeth, Adam, Nicholas and Zachary, of Cary; brothers and sisters, Brad Matsen, of Port Townsend, Washington, Nancy Matsen Lee, of Fairfax, Virginia, John Matsen, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Patricia Matsen (Sam), of West Palm Beach, Florida; and many nieces and nephews; and their children. 

Ricky was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, May 3, 1949. A graduate of Gallaudet College in Washington D.C., he spent his professional life as a teacher and educator at Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf in Wilson. Ricky motivated many young people to overcome their disabilities and achieve full and productive lives. Through his caring spirit, optimism, encouragement and living example he inspired all who were associated with him- colleagues as well as students and their families. He always gave joy and happiness to those he encountered. He gave of himself to anyone that needed help and with his joyful outlook influenced so may to see life as a gift to be treasured every day. His passions were his family, his many friends in Wilson, and his beloved Redskins. In particular, he truly treasured the care, friendships and support that he received from the Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center in Wilson, where he was a resident. He was preceded in death by his parents, Lt. Col. (Ret) Brad Matsen, USA and Mae Renaud Matsen; and his brother, Michael R. Matsen of Richmond, Virginia. 


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