In Memoriam

Sandra (Lim) Eng
August 13, 2012


Obituary & Life History


Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, July 31, 2007, at a 2:00 PM Service at La Chapelle de Martin & Castille in Lafayette, for Linda Valerie Annala,...

 Sandra (Lim) Eng, E-'69, passed away in Boynton Beach, FL on August 13, 2012. She was 68 years old. Her funeral service/burial was held in Brooklyn, NY on August 27, 2012. She was survived by her children, Jim Liang Wah Lim and Sara Lim, step-mother, three half-sisters and twin half-brothers.

Ms Lim was retired in 2004 from New York State Division of Disability Determinations after 31 years of service. During her first 25 years, her office was located on the 80th floor in New York City's famous World Trade Center (WTC). Later she was transferred to Brooklyn's branch office. It was three years before WTC was destroyed.


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