2005 - Issue #1

Hi, Members of the Class of 70:

Last October, the Gallaudet University Class of 1970 held it's 35th Anniversary Reunion at our beloved "home" on Kendall Green. We had a short meeting and I was asked to set up a webpage for the Fabulous Class of 1970. I will be glad to do it. Most of you liked the  domain name for our webpage to be: www.gally70.com.

So, the domain name was born on December 10, 2005 in memory of that famous person, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, who was born on December 10, 1787. It surely inspires the concept of a higher education for the deaf.

There was a Deaf Awareness Exhibit in December in honor of the birth of Laurent Clerc (Dec. 26, 1785) and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (Dec. 10, 1787). We remembered that we stood on the stairs behind Chapel Hall every year on December 10th to honor that famous person.

By the way, the webpage will be updated and upgraded from time to time -- as long as the information are there. I need someone to be Editor for the Newsletter, News or "Flash" news which could be distributed quarterly or from time to time.

The hyperlink directs you to the history of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

Your Webmaster,
Paul T. Stefurak, Gally '70
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