2010 - Issue #1     Editor: Jax Levesque

Welcome to Gally70 Newsrag:

Kudos to Cheryl Shevlin (Coordinater) and Paul Stefurak (Webmaster) for their goodness of their hearts to prepare for the Class ’70 Reunion (40th) on October 28 -30, 2010 at Gallaudet University. Be sure to check in the website for this Reunion at www.gally70.com. Also check out Fred Pickering’s comments on his message to you all as well as Paul Stefurak’s message from 2005 (35th reunion). The program looks great and it promises to be a grand time in D.C. that weekend. Thanks to Fred Pickering for keeping track of all names and data.

I am happy to take on the reins as Editor of the Class ’70 newsletter. My goals are to keep all members of this most esteemed class ever to matriculate at our beloved college/university. Paul Stefurak will post this newsletter a few times a year and we want to make sure you log in www.gally70.com to keep up with our fantastic class members. This newsletter’s success will depend on your submissions that will be shared with our class members, so it is up to YOU! Send in those pixes and your activities and memories of your days at our beloved alma mater. Hail to thee, our alma mater dear! Hail to a silent world.

Samuel Sonnenstrahl’s Comments (Exec. Dir. GUAA)

To the Members of the Class of 1970!

Homecoming is by far the busiest and most exciting time for the Alumni Relations staff. The staff is grateful for the opportunity to work with your class and wish to congratulate you for the important milestone - 40 years!
Be on the lookout for the Gallaudet Today Newsletter in August. It will have an insert - Homecoming schedule and information. In addition to the schedule of general activities, there will be private events arranged by your class. FYI, alumni receive Gallaudet Today Newsletter in mail twice a year. If you have not received one, it may mean that we do not have your current address. It does not matter if it is your first visit here in a long time or if you are a frequent visitor, we welcome you as a family member! Hope to see you this fall!
Feel free to contact us at alumni.relations@gallaudet.edu.
Sam Sonnenstrahl, '79 & G-'84
Executive Director, GUAA
Director, Alumni Relations

Alyce Reynold’s Comments (GUAA Natl’ President)

Class of 1970 Gallaudet University

Dear Class of 1970,

Welcome back home!

On behalf of the GUAA Board, I congratulate you for your 40th reunion! It is an ENORMOUS milestone! I am sure you have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time! This is YOUR weekend to reconnect with your classmates, visit new buildings on campus that have been constructed since you were here last, and celebrate the reunion. I hope to have the opportunity to meet each and every one of you during your visit. You have come home with 40+ years of experience and wisdom. If it had not been for your years at Gallaudet, you would not be where you are today.

Some of you may have not been home for quite some time. Gallaudet has changed so much and I am sure you will be delighted by what you see. Gallaudet is what it is today because you. It is because of your faithful support and contributions both financially and to recruitment efforts over the past 40 years. So, thank you! Gallaudet looks forward to your continued support in the years to come!
May your visit home be a memorable one!

For a Better Gallaudet!

Alyce Slater Reynolds, ’76 & G-'78
    Reunion Song by Loy E. Golladay ’34 (1 stanza)

We shall return to thee, Alma Mater,
The college loved like a mother dear;
Thy wide green lawns and remembered places
Are shrines grown holier year by year.

Trivia Questions;

   1 Who were the presidents of our classes?

   2 Where is the coffin door?

   3 Where was the wrestling gym?

   4 Who were the deans of college?

   5 Where did we go for senior sneak week?

   6 How many SBG presidents came from 70s?

   7 Did our class produce a college President?

   8 Who performed “Rye & Whiskey”?

   9 Who did the famous chicken dances?

   10 Did we have Deaf coaches during our time?

   11 How many food boycotts did we have?

   12 How many infirmary boycotts did we have?

   13 Where on campus did we do our necking?

   14 Name the pizza parlor on Capital Plaza area?

   15 Was freshman hazing the most fun?

                         Who and Where?


Class 70 Individual Updates:

Name & Pix:

City and State:

Employed Retired Other

Where employed and how long:



Favorite Gallaudet memories:

Community Activities:

Honors & Awards:

Comments: Send results to deafjax@juno.com so we can share with your proud classmates of Class ’70. Thanks.
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