2010 - Issue #2     Editor: Jax Levesque


Class 70 Leaders


Celia Mae Laramie Baldwin worked as principal at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont,  California.  She retired recently as the Dean of Students at CSDF.  She also served as a Board member of Gallaudet University and was president of the Board of  Trustees.

Jack Lamberton was the SBG president of Gallaudet in 1970.  He worked at IBM for many years serving as Project Manager.  He then moved on to CSDF in the area of computers and is also very involved in the sports world.  He has served on several USA Deaflympics committee and is currently the President of the USA Deaf Sports Federation.

Ron Burdett was the past Director of the Ohlone College Deaf Students Program in Fremont, California and now is a Vice-President at Sorenson VRS.




Chasing the ladies??

Ed Leighton is the current President of the local GUAA chapter of  the Bay Area.  He serves on the national advisory board for VRS programs.  He was one of several proponents that supported massive mail campaign to FCC resulting in over 40,000 comments (not once but twice).  FCC has stated that this mailing to FCC is the highest ever in FCC history.  Leighton is a quiet leader who works behind the scenes to get the job done a true team player.





The Spirit of 1970 Class




    Clarkies never die, as they   just oral away!

Class 70s Hunters vs. Deer

Forget your Make-Up

How many Bananas are there?

Where have all the boys gone?

Check Gally Newsletter

Check this out frequently as it has useful information that we all can benefit and share with.  ALUMNI-NEWSLETTER@GULISTS.GALLAUDET.EDU

Hey Class 70s!

How come no one responded to the profiles so that we all know what each one is doing these days.  Get off your duffs and start filling out those profiles or we will VC you.

Comments: Send results to deafjax@juno.com so we can share with your proud classmates of Class 70. Thanks.

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