July 11,2014
Class of 1970's Reunion Dinner
at Gallaudet University Plaza Dining Hall, 2nd floor,
Friday, 5pm to 8pm


If you and your spouse, your partner or your friend
confirm to attend our pre-45th Class of 1970
Reunion Dinner in Plaza Dining Hall,
please send a check of $25 per person to:
 ‘Class of 1970’, ATTN: Frederick Pickering
1114 Morningwood Lane
Great Falls, Virginia 22066-1609
before June 13, 2014.

Once he gets your check, "
Paid" will be inserted
after your name on the list

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 You would
Add to this list if you are going!
If you notice there is no (Confirmed), do it again by clicking "Add",
type your name with (Confirmed).   Thanks

Based on individual class '70 member

'70 member's names: Non-Member,
Spouse, partner or friend's names:
  Ursula (Klim) Attia  (Confirmed)  
  Cheryl Attix   Jerry Attix
  Holly Dorsch Auman  
  Celia May (Laramie) Baldwin  (Paid)  
  Clifford Boland  (Confirmed)   Linda Boland
  Bernie Brown  (Paid)   Valeta Brown  (Paid)
  Jack Lee Cooper (Paid)   Ann Cooper  (Paid)
  Douglas Ellis  (Paid)   Gayle Ellis  (Paid)
  Barbara Titus Evans   (Confirmed)  
  Rob (Bob) Firestone   (Confirmed)  
  Mary Wells French  (Confirmed)   Barton French
  Robert Furman  (Paid)   Ginny Furman
  Ron Gabriel  (Paid)  
  Barry Harlan (Paid)   Vicki Shank
   Elmer H. Hayes  (Paid)    Sharon Gordon Hayes  (Paid)
  Nick Imme  (Paid)  
  Jack Lamberton   (Paid)    
  Juddie Lamberton (Paid)  
  Carole Lazorisak  
  Steve Moore  (Confirmed)   Carol
  Rodney Nunn  (Paid)   Susan Berkeley  (Paid)
  Kaye F. Peacock  
  Frederick Pickering  (Paid)   Brenda Sue Pickering
  Joy E. Rader  (Paid)  
  Dale Ritter (Paid)  
  Tim Scanlon  (Paid)   Jeanne Scanlon
  Ruth Ann Lally Schornstein (Paid)
  Kathy (Swanson) Schumacher  (Confirmed)  
  Mary-Jean Secoolish  (Paid)  
  Joel Silberstein  (Paid)   
  Paul T. Stefurak (Paid)
  Dianne Stenz  (Paid)  
  JoAnne Stump-Nelson  (Paid)   Norman Nelson
  Walker (Edwards) Noel  
  Michael Tuccelli   Maureen Tuccelli
  Reda (Evans) Tweedie  (Paid)   Bob Tweedie (Paid)
  Arlyce (Vaught) Watson  (Paid)  
  Julius B. Vold  
  Larry Vollmar   (Paid)   Sharon Vollmar
  Patricia (Moran) Yates   (Confirmed)  
  Macklin Youngs   (Paid)   Thelma Schroeder
  Total.. 53   Total ... 24

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More information, please contact Fred Pickering, coordinator

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