Pre-50th Class of 1970 Reunion
October 25-27, 2020 (Sunday-Tuesday) 


Paul Stefurak’s most concern about making a flight reservation with the wrong date because there are two different parts of events. The First part of an event about the Class of 1970 50th Year Anniversary Reunion will be October 28 - November 1, 2020, and the second part of the event will be Pre-50th Class of 1970 Reunion event will be October 25 - 27, 2020. All of us will pick the only first part of the event. Some of us will pick both the first and second parts of the event.

October 25, 2020 (Sunday)
Few people may come on Sunday due to their age, slow recovery and ready for exciting a whole week
October 26, 2020 (Monday)
More people will come due to save money on hotel cost and ready for Tuesday event
October 27, 2020 (Tuesday)

Our last time to be together

District Wharf

National Harbor


The Water Taxi

Pre-50th Class of 1970 Reunion 
October 25-27, 2020 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Paul Stefurak suggests that the Class of 1070 alumni, their spouse, and friends should have leisure time for fun during 50th Class of 1970 Reunion’s full week. The Pre-50th Reunion will occur on October 26-27 and it is not a part of our 50th Class of 1970 Reunion during the 2020 Gallaudet University Homecoming on October 28-31. The plan for our Pre-50th Reunion events is for our three days leisure time for FUN. Reasons for our planPre-50th Reunion events are following:
        1) This 50th Class Reunion may be our last time to be together.

        2) Arriving on Sunday will help us recover from the Jet Lag and be ready to socialize.

        3) Those two days (Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27) will give us time to share our college life memories. Eventually, we will have our excited tours, the District Wharf ( and National Harbor ( Going to National Harbor, we will ride on water taxi, The Water Taxi (
Pricing for Water Taxi:
One-way: Adults from $13, kids from $9
Roundtrip: Adults from $21, kids from $15

Water Taxi Schedules:
Departs Wharf Arrives at National Harbor

10:30 AM 11:40 PM
11:30 AM 12:40 PM
1:00 PM 2:10 PM
2:00 PM 3:10 PM
3:30 PM 4:40 PM
6:00 PM 7:10 PM
7:00 PM 8:10 PM
8:30 PM 9:40 PM

Departs National Harbor Arrives at Wharf

11:40 AM 12:50 PM
12:40 PM 1:50 PM
2:10 PM 3:20 PM
3:10 PM 4:20 PM
4:40 PM 5:50 PM
5:40 PM 6:50 PM
7:10 PM 8:20 PM
8:10 PM 9:20 PM

Current schedule displayed is valid April 1st – Oct 31st.

        4) We can stay at Kellogg Hotel in Gallaudet University for the full week.
More information on the hotel reservations will be announced in early 2020. No need to stay at a different hotel for three days and then stay at Kellogg for the Homecoming weekend.

        5) We can make flight reservations ahead of time. You can decide whether you want to come on Sunday, October 25th and stay through Sunday, November 1st or on Tuesday, October 27th through Sunday, November 1st. You can decide how long you want to stay.

        6) Tentative plans for these two days will include 1) possible sightseeing, 2) riding a ferry boat on the Potomac River to the National Harbor where there will be a huge mall with indoor/outdoor restaurants and stores. More information will come later.

We want to send this announcement about the Pre-50th Year Anniversary1970 Class Reunion now. This will give you time to make your plans for this exciting event.

We will keep you posted about the Pre-50th Year Anniversary-1970 Class Reunion in the upcoming Newsletters and in our website -

If you have any questions, please contact either Paul Stefurak— or
Fred Pickering—

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