Angela Petrone Stratiy   

City and State:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Employed Retired Other: ASL workshop presenter, Deaf Interpreter, Sub teacher, one woman stand up comedian 

Where employed and how long:
Teacher at North Dakota School for the Deaf for 2 years and 14 years at Manitoba School for the Deaf, Winnipeg, Manitoba.    ASL/Deaf Studies Instructor and Program Chair of Interpreter Training Program at Grant McEwan University and Lakeland College, Edmonton, Alberta for 16 years

three hearing sons (no grandchildren, yet and Bob Whitford and our Havanese puppy, Ricky

watching movies, crocheting, computing

Favorite Gallaudet memories:
watching captioned movies for the first time, Mum's Day, hazing, Gallaudet plays, some Americans were thrilled to see the snow for the first time, cemetery visit during hazing, broken window incident during the skiing retreat with all ladies, Rye Whiskey, trip to New York City, van accident, cafeteria boycott, MLK riot, many more...

Community Activities:
endless and still supporting

Honors & Awards:
  •  Deaf Albertan of the Year 2003 Award, October 2003

  •  Governor-General of Canada’s Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, January 25, 2003

  • • Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, Inc., Hall of Fame, July 18, 1998

  •  Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada, Award of Excellence, July 1992

  • Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, Founder's Order of Honour, July 26, 1980

  • Quota International Deaf Woman of the Year, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1979


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