Marilyn O’Leary-Heaney

City and State:  Glastonbury, CT

Employed Retired Other:  Retired since 2007

Where employed and how long: Teacher, American School for the Deaf, West Hartford, CT - 35 years

Family:  Ned, two daughters (Allison and Debbie), three grandsons (Owen, Peter and Alex) and one granddaughter (Sasha)

Hobbies:    Reading, knitting, sewing, Red Sox, brisk walking and kettle bell exercises

Favorite Gallaudet memories:   boycotts (food service and infirmary), ice hockey night games, boys’ visits to girls’ rooms on Sundays, graduation, toilet paper wars, J. Field as a nun, MLK assassination and hanging out with friends

Honors & Awards:     ASD Teacher of the Year
ASD Yearbook Dedication


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