Macklin Youngs  

City and State:  Milton, Ontario

Employed Retired Other:  Retired for 11th years so far
Sub Teacher
Volunteer repairing the renting houses with my pleasure

Where employed and how long:  Teacher for three different deaf schools
14 years at Mackay Center for the Deaf in Montreal, Quebec
3 years at E. C. Drury Secondary School for the Deaf, Milton, Ontario
Vice Principal:
9 years at E. C. Drury Secondary School for the Deaf
2 years at E. C. Drury Elementary School for the Deaf
3 years at Sir J. Whitney School for the Deaf for Secondary and Elementary in Belleville, Ontario

Family:  Deceased Wife Ilene Liebman Youngs, Class of 1976, one son with his wife and one daughter, not grandchildren yet

Hobbies:    Coin and stamps, Adventure in the world and Repair around the houses and help others

Favorite Gallaudet memories:   First Day I landed at D.C airport. My God it was too hot with wearing the not proper suit

Shocked to see too many deaf students with using ASL too quickly. It was not easy to follow up their communication

Played soccer for four years with all loses and tie only one game

Play ice hockey for four years. I was so thrilled to see too many fans supporting our team.

Captured Hockey Champion in 1969

Never forget to see students being excited by playing with snow. Made snow sculptures

Am very loyal to our Class of 1970 the best

Community Activities: Involved many different officers for the Deaf organization in Edmonton, Quebec and Ontario 

Honors & Awards:    First Deaf Vice Principal at E. C. Drury School for the Deaf
First Deaf Principal at Sir J. Whitney School for the Deaf
Portrait of Deaf Principal in the School


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