Russell Huggins

City and State:  Langley, BC, Canada

Employed Retired Other:  Retired

Where employed and how long:  Vanderline Engineering in Rochester, NY one year, H A Simons Engineering 2 years and Arnold Nemetz Engineering in Vancouver 16 years, Telus (phone co) 20 years. Worked as electrical draftsman in all these companies.

Family:  Married to Sandra Pratt, 2 adult kids (one daughter and one son), 3 grandchildren (2 girls and 1 boy)

Hobbies:  Trains, computers, hanging out with my friends or Skype with them and watching TV.

Favorite Gallaudet memories:   Play on varsity soccer team, chatting with my friends in dorm, outings seeing sights in DC and best thing was I found my wife!


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