Sam Yates

City and State:  Landover Hills, Maryland

Employed Retired Other:  Retired in 2004

Where employed and how long: 
Model Secondary School for the Deaf for 33 years

Family:  Widower of Patricia (Moran) Yates - 2017
Son George - single
Deaf Daughter Maureen - divorced - four children - Deaf boy, 2 hearing boys and Deaf girl
Deaf Daughter Noreen - divorced soon - hearing girl of hers and hearing boy of another hers

Hobbies:   Animal lover, painting, hiking, traveler

Favorite Gallaudet memories:   Many character labeled like Santa Claus, Buffalo Bill, Col. Saunders of Kentucky Fried Chicken,
General Custer, Uncle Sam, Jesus and more…

Community Activities: Mostly Santa Claus at KDES and a few Malls
St. Patrick’s Day parties at deaf seniors centers


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