Sandi Huggins

City and State:  Langley, BC, Canada

Employed Retired Other:  Retired since 2007

Where employed and how long: 
Lincoln Rochester bank in Rochester, NY one year, Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver BC one year, TB Vets as supervisor for 17 years till retired 2007. All were office work handling cash, mail and running a bank cheque machine. (I was a stay at home mother to two kids till youngest turned 13).

Family:  Married to Russ Huggins, 2 adult kids (one daughter and one son), 3 grandchildren (2 girls and 1 boy)

Hobbies:    Cross stitching, sewing, reading, hanging out with my friends or Skype with them and watching TV.

Favorite Gallaudet memories:   Play on varsity field hockey team, hating Bio classes, loved chatting with my friends in dorm and best thing was I found my sweetheart!


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