Alumni celebrating their 50th class reunions present Gallaudet with a class gift. We aim to raise a minimum of $25,000 to establish an endowed Class of 1970 fund as a permanent legacy to our class. Raising $70,000 as the ultimate goal for our gift—we are the Class of ’70, after all!

We look forward to presenting our gift to Gallaudet during our reunion in October 2020. Our endowed fund will support an area of our choosing. The Reunion Committee will present three options for us to vote on during our reunion. If you have ideas for us to consider, please let us know; any and all ideas are welcome.

Thanks to those who have contributed, large and small. Please continue to contribute as much and as often as you can. And for those who have not yet contributed, we hope you too will jump on the bandwagon and send in a donation. You will find a list of contributors, videos, and the status of our fund here; it will be updated monthly.

We hope to get as many class members to contribute as possible, say, could we hope for as high as 90%? That would be quite a powerful way to say: Thank you, Gallaudet!

You can contribute at this secure link:

If you prefer, you can send a personal check or send payments via online banking at the address below. Make sure you note that the donation is for the CLASS OF 1970 GIFT FUND if you choose this option; if you do not, your donation will go to Gallaudet’s general fund.                   

          Gallaudet University Office of Development Denison House
          800 Florida Ave NE
          Washington, DC 2002     

All contributions are tax deductible.

Questions or comments? Contact:     
Connie Fisher Friedman, Class Gift Coordinator (
Cynthia Neese Bailes, Reunion Co-Chair (  


List of donors

Link to Video display
Be sure to click [  ] at bottom right of that video screen to enlarge

Linda B. Amann
Cheryl Attix
Celia M. Baldwin
Susan Berkley
Bernard Brown

Ronald C. Burdett 
JoAnne Burdett 
Franna L. Camenisch
Jack Cooper
Ann Cooper
James A. Dudasik
Nicole M. Ekle
Douglas L. Ellis
Gayle Ellis
Henry B Evans
Barbara Evans
Mary French
Constance J. Friedman   
Robert Furman
Shelley L. Goul
Barry Harlan
Robert I. Harris
Sharon A. Hayes
Nicholas Imme
Patricia M. Jacobs
Kathleen Jones
John W. Justl
Pamela Katz
Mary A. Kraus
Jack Lamberton   
Judith Lamberton
Sharon L. Lane
Carole Kircher Lazorisak

Edwin S. Leighton
Julianna Massar-Fjield 
Willena O. McDevitt
Cynthia Neese Bailes
Claire D. Ness
Joyce Norwood

Rodney C. Nunn
Marilyn I. O'Leary-Heaney
Kaye F. Peacock
Janie L. Pearson 

Frederick Pickering
Cheryl J. Pierce
Joy E. Rader
Lawrence Rocque
Nancy A. Rogers
Mary Ruffa

Ann C. Sandell
Alfred T. Scanlon   
Ruth Ann Lally Schornstein 
Mary Jean Secoolish
Jay E. Shopshire    

Joel M. Silberstein

Paul T. Stefurak  
Dianne V. Stenz
Anglela Stratiy
JoAnne M. Stump-Nelson
Kathryn M. Sutton 
Mary E. Telford
Charles F. Theel
Robert Tweedie
Reda Tweedie
Larry Vollmar
Arylce M Watson
Samuel L. Yates  
Macklin Youngs   


Updated Date as of January 9, 2020

Send any questions or comments to
Connie Fisher Friedman, Coordinator, her

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