GREAT NEWS! Two Class of ‘70 Endowments Will Be Established!

We are proud to announce that 85 class members supported and two opposed the proposal for two Class of 1970 endowments. We will present this gift to Gallaudet University during our mini-reunion in October. The amounts assume we raise $70,000 by October 31.

(1) The Mighty Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund ($45,000)

The lifeblood of Gallaudet University is its students. As we approach our 50th anniversary celebration, we reflect on the struggles many of us faced throughout our studies at Gallaudet. Many of us faced financial difficulties, and not all of us were able to continue. Our gift is intended to support Gallaudet in the retention of students—to give support to students who otherwise would not be able to continue their studies. The criteria for selection shall be undergraduate students in good standing with financial need, either domestic or international.

(2) The Class of 1970 Jack R. Gannon '59 Endowment for Alumni Relations ($25,000)

For our 50th anniversary celebration, we spotlight the role of the Office of Alumni Relations, which was established in 1968 when we were undergraduate students. Jack Gannon ’59, the first director, imparted upon us the sense that Gallaudet would always be our home, and many of us became proud lifetime members of GUAA before we graduated. We believe alumni are the backbone of the university and the Office of Alumni Relations is the bridge that maintains our bond with our alma mater. GUAA has a long and significant history of unifying our alumni and advocating for and raising funds for Gallaudet. With this gift, we continue this tradition of giving back to Gallaudet. Our gift is intended to support activities on behalf of the alumni as determined by the Director of Alumni Relations. The payout from the endowment shall not be used in lieu of the budget allocation to the department by the university. 

We haven’t yet reached the $70K, mark, so contribute when and as much as you can:


If you prefer, you can send a personal check or send payments via online banking at the address below. Make sure you note that the donation is for the CLASS OF 1970 GIFT FUND if you choose this option; if you do not, your donation will go to Gallaudets general fund.

     Gallaudet University
     Office of Development
     800 Florida Ave NE

     Washington, DC 2002     


If you have questions or comments, please contact:

Cynthia Neese Bailes (

Celia Mae Laramie Baldwin (



List of donors

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Anonymous (4)
Linda B. Liardon Amann
Carol Adolphson Arneson
Ursula V. Klim Attia
Cheryl Yingst Attix
Holly Dorsch Auman
Cyril B. Axelrod
Cynthia Neese Bailes
Celia M. Laramie Baldwin
Joseph M. Benedetto
Sandra Kazmierski Bianco
Carl G. Blicharz
Clifford Boland
*Jane D. Bolduc
Bernard P. Brown
Frank Burbank
JoAnne K. Rasmus Burdett
Ronald C. Burdett
Mary A. Dalen Burke
Franna L. Corley Camenisch
*Jennifer Carroll
*Deborah Carson
Katherine McCausland Carver
Francis J. Casale
Zannet Arterberry Coleman
Patricia Gill Collins
Jack L. Cooper
Alfred Corrado
Cheryle Conte-Coulston
*Deaf Globetrotters Travel
Mary Roberts Devine
*Nancy Driscoll
James A. Dudasik
Nicole M. Ekle
Douglas L. Ellis
Barbara Jean Hauwiller Enos
Norbert A. Enos
Barbara Titus Evans
Robert E. Firestone
Vera S. Pedersen Fleischer
Mary Wells French
Connie J. Fisher Friedman
Douglas E. Fuchsman
Robert Furman
Ronald H. Gabriel
Shelley Lefkowitz Goul
Darlene Hall Polson
Shirley A. Edwards Hampton
Richard Harkins
Barry Harlan
Archie Harris
Robert I. Harris
Elmer H. Hayes
*Edward W. Heaney
Constance Paine Henes
Michael A. Holland
Russell K. Huggins
Sandra Pratt Huggins
Nicholas J. Imme
Patricia Marshburn Jacobs
John A. Jacobsen
Delorus Freer Jarrett
Kathleen D. Meyer Jones
John W. Justl★
Pamela Reid Katz★
*Richard J. Kendall
Karl K. Kovach
Mary A. Limoni Kraus★
James L. Kvarnberg
Jack C. Lamberton
Judith L. Joiner Lamberton★
Sharon L. Groff Lane
*Marcia Lathrop
Carole Kircher Lazoriasak
Eddie S. Leighton
Charmaine Letourneau
Julianna C. Massar-Fjeld
Jane C. Matuszak
Leonard Paul McComb
Willena Osmola McDevitt
*McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
Richard Miller
William Frank Moiser
*Ruth P. Moore
Cynthia Neese Bailes
*Norman L. Nelson
Claire D. Ness
Joyce M. Norwood
Rodney C. Nunn
Marilyn I. O'Leary-Heaney
Stephanie R. Clason Owens
Kaye F. Peacock
Janie L. Pearson
Frederick M. Pickering
Cheryl J. Pierce
Joy E. Rader
Dale L. Ritter
Lawrence A. Rocque
Nancy A. Burrell Rogers
Mary  Ann Telles Ruffa
Ann C. Sandell
Marianne Sasseen
Alfred T. Scanlon
Ruth Ann Lally Schornstein
Laura L. Dinndorf Scolaro
Mary Jean Secoolish
Jay E. Shopshire
Joel M. Silberstein
Paul T. Stefurak
Dianne V. Stenz
Angela Petrone Stratiy
JoAnne M. Stump-Nelson
Kathryn McIntire Sutton
*The Children of Kathryn McIntire Sutton
Mary E. Hill Telford
Charles F. Theel
Allard A. Thomas
Helen. Merritt Tingley
Carol A. Trachtenberg
Michael A. Tuccelli
Irene Tunanidas
Reda Evans Tweedie
Flo Underwood
*Allison Vanek
Lawrence J. Vollmar
Arlyce M. Vaught Watson
Samuel L. Yates
David T. Young
Macklin Y. Youngs
Alan D. Zamochnick
NOTE ★ = 2 or more donations
NOTE * = non-70er donor

Updated Date as of November 9, 2020

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